Organized Chaos.

That is exactly what weddings are. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Luckily for you, I thrive in this type of environment.

Being a wedding photographer is much more than just showing up and taking pictures. We will be the best of friends from day one. I will help you draft a timeline for your day and keep you on track to each moment.

We will create a list of immediate family members for formals to make sure it's quick AND efficient.

I will be by your side all dang day being the best possible cheerleader that I can be. I help fill in with fixing dresses, jewelry and boutonnières; making sure Gram makes it to family formals and not lost amongst the crowd.

I will get down on the dance floor with your squad and get those shy friends out there for a song or two as well. I also come with snacks. Call me... the snack Queen.

Your vendors are making magic happen for you day of. You've established you like the service they provide but it's so important that you not only trust them but vibe with them too. YA FEEL ME?!

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